Cambodian Hair

If you see something you like, grab it. The beauty of our premium collection is that the hair is from a single donor. You’re won’t see the same thing twice. The weight of the bundle to the texture and pattern are never identical. You can build your collection as the stock comes in. From silky straight to kinky coarse. Raw hair should always be colored by a specialist. As you build your collection of raw hair , please that with proper care this collection will last you 5-7 years. So take your time and order your bundle one at a time if you don’t see you a match right away.
There is high luster hair which tends to be on the shinny side. Medium luster which is the average luster. Low luster hair tends to have a matte like finish , coarse    texture can be any of the 3 luster but the hair is coarse more on the kinky side. Our coarse texture don’t come often so when you see it and it’s your type grab it. 


Happy Hunting..